Alex Buller

Alex Buller was raised in a small town of Vermont call Andover. Growing up, he and his family would constantly escape with their canoe to hidden lakes & ponds in search of any beast willing to “smoke their lure”. Fishing was always his family’s summer escape, “something about paddling around in the solitude of a glassy pond, nothing could really rival it”.

In 2009, Alex moved out to Salt Lake City, UT in search of better snow and bigger mountains. As winters left and summers came he quickly returned to the water, spinner rod in hand. Then came Ross Baker, a good buddy of Alex’s and fellow Brighton Angler, who showed him the ropes of fly fishing. “After that a new unquenchable thirst for fishing was born”. One reason why Alex’s is so passionate about fly fishing is the places it will bring you and the unforgettable fish stories you will receive.