Clay Wells

Clay Wells is our Australian mate. He first came out to Utah in 1997 some 20 years ago where he met Captain Winkler and their friendship began. Clay spent year upon year coming out to Utah snowboarding with the crew. As he has got older, the snowboarding has become less but his passion for the outdoor and mountains has not waivered.  Although he has fished his whole life his first attempt at Fly Fishing came about whilst he was injured mid winter. A day of tangles saw him put down the rod for a few years.

One summer he was back in Utah (whilst his wife was at Burning Man) with the captain and they spent a few days camping and fishing and he has not looked back confessing fishing is in his blood now.


He now looks to travel and fish wherever he goes. USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland Papua Nui Guinea, New Zealand and of course Australia have all been fishing destinations for him in the past year.


When he is at home he runs a sign company  and in his spare time surfs, snowboards and gets out there and fishes although that may change with his first baby due Feb 2018.