Dalton Smith

Dalton Smith was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. Growing up in a family of outdoorsman and ranchers, he was fortunate enough to be around fishing or some body of water his entire life.  “It always had a special place in my heart from the first time I touched a fishing pole back in the day, which was probably my Dad’s old Fenwick laced up with a panther martin, it didn’t matter it was just about FISHING.”


Fishing was always on his mind as a kid. He would spend as much time as possible every summer, waking up at first sunlight to catch a couple small Browns on Currant Creek or Provo River. This obsession only enhanced when his older brother, Tyson, started to take him Fly Fishing. From then on it’s been a huge part of his life.  Now-a-days if He’s not on the water chasing some species of fish from Carp to Trout to Bonefish, you’ll catch him at RISING (@rising3474) doing what he loves and that’s being around fishing. “Lucky enough I work in the industry and can continue to share this passion in many ways with others, like all the homies with Brighton Anglers!”