Jared Winkler


Founder and President of Brighton Anglers.

Born & Raised in Salt Lake City, Utah Jared Winkler spent most of his early years fishing and camping all over the state. Jared grew up with a skateboard in one hand and a fishing rod in the other. Growing up Jared was an active kid, he liked to play football and soccer. When Jared begun high school, he was named the captain of the football team. The nickname Captain Winkler was created. After high school Jared gave up team sports and focused on a career as a professional snowboarder traveling the globe to places such as Australia, New Zealand, and across the United States. He used his extensive travel to double down and fly-fish too. Jared has spent the past 17 years working at Brighton Ski Resort and is now currently their Director of Marketing during the winter and fishing all over the Western US, Cayman Islands, and Canada during the summers. Finally, Jared is the founder of BrightonAnglers.com a youth inspired website and social media brand driven by sharing fun stories of fishing adventures, great images and most of all the pure enjoyment of fly fishing.