Jason Dyer


Brand and Content Manager

Originally from New Hampshire, Jason Dyer at a young age began fly-fishing lakes, rivers, small streams and the Atlantic Coast of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts with his father. He was easily able to enjoy Salt and Fresh water growing up. Depending on the tide schedule, Jason was known to get up early to hunt Brooke Trout at sunrise then drive to the beach to chase Stripers with the incoming tide. Jason chased a professional snowboarding career beginning in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and ending in the Wasatch Front of Salt Lake City, Utah. With access to multiple trout habitats, Jason easily feeds his trout obsession throughout the waters of the Intermountain West. His day job is managing public relations and events for the Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation. In his off time, he coordinates Brightonanglers.com’s Blog as well as assists in content planning for its social media. He has written articles that have been featured on Trout Unlimited and Backcountry.com.