Luke Huddleston


Co-Founder and Vice-President of Brighton Anglers.

Fishing has been a constant in Luke’s life, whether it’s taking fishing trips with grandpa at Strawberry Reservoir during the summer as a kid, being pulled out of elementary school early, for fishing adventures, on the Green River or just sitting around as the hours seemingly pass simply tying flies with his dad. One thing is for sure his love for fishing only grows. His fondest memories to date all take place with a fly rod in hand. Having been passed down from three generations, fishing has quickly caught fire with his son.

Any excuse, reason, or opportunity to escape for even just a couple of hours on the water is taken full advantage of. One of his favorite aspects of fishing is that it always has a way of humbling you- there is so much room for growth and improvement. The unpredictability of the entire sport makes fishing by far ones of the most intriguing parts of his life .