Shane Grimes

Shane Grimes

Videographer, Traveler and Guide


Shane was raised in Norway, Michigan, and his earliest childhood memories are from hunting and fishing trips. His father was a competitive bass fisherman who was also always on the hunt for predatory pike and musky. Fishing Midwestern rivers and lakes taught him the physical and emotional value of time spent in the outdoors.  After attending college for Ski Area Management, Shane was drawn to Utah’s reputation for being the snowboarding Mecca.  After years of chasing the dream he became fascinated with filming snowboarding and has worked with some of the best film companies in the sport. His biggest achievement came when he was hired to work on Brain Farm’s ‘The Art Of Flight’.


Shane then began the search for his next challenge in life which ironically ended up being where he began;  fishing.  This time he would teach himself the art of fly fishing only to discover his most adventurous and fulfilling passion yet.  Because this sport can be year-round, his obsession grew wildly as he continued to work his way through all of the western states in search of the next big catch.  Shane and his fiancé Lexi spend their vacations traveling to world-class fly fishing locations and both enjoy embarking on outdoor adventures. Whether it’s chasing Alaska’s wild salmon, big rainbows, and Dolly Varden, or fighting O’io (Hawaiian bonefish) in Lexi’s homeland, Shane enjoys all forms of fishy waters.  Their latest adventure to New Zealand brought them breathtaking landscapes, the most pristine rivers, and some of the largest trout to date.  When at home, Shane enjoys throwing dry’s to rising trout or streamer-fishing the banks of the local rivers in search of big browns. Also having the ability to imitate nature’s intricate attributes makes flytying not only fulfilling but satisfying.  Guiding has unfolded another aspect of the sport for Shane.  Though personal victories have only driven his eagerness to hunt bigger and better fish, watching clients pick up on the subtle details has brought a newfound joy in his life.