Waterfowl Hunting!

Over the past couple months I have fallen in love with waterfowl hunting. I’ve always wanted to do it but never got the chance to go. It’s hard to explain why it is so much fun waking up at 4am to go hike through marshes full of stink mud and cat tails. Its makes no sense that I would find enjoyment out of ¬†hanging out in the cold and getting soaked at the same time. But I can’t sleep at night because I’m thinking of hunting. Its been exciting learning a new sport while¬†geeking out on the internet. I am hooked. Here’s some photos of the crew out hunting. I have to thank Luke, Branden, Ross and Alec for putting up with my noisy duck calls. I’m told it sounds like mini mouse getting raped.


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    I’ve always wanted to try waterfowl hunting – but I’ve been told it’s similar to archery in that if you aren’t broke now, you will be if you take up waterfowl hunting…

  2. the pictures are awesome. I am not sure it would be for me, especially 4 am wake up call, so I will stay with trout fishing for now, but super cool pics

    • Yeah, I feel ya. Its pretty hard to explain. I still wake up early to make road trips for fishing. But never thought I would to go wade through mud to sit around waiting for birds.

  3. Its about gearing up for the unexpected. Seen in the photos above the back drop of every spread is untamed beautiful. With the cold and wet conditions you are consistently glassing the sky hoping for that next flock to lock in on your set up. Between those moments we are usually laughing and joking about anything, we are like a pig in shit, and in these cases every true to the saying.
    As with anything the Brighton Angler’s do, we are here for the peaceful serenity of nature, and our friends to share those moments with.


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