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  1. Dear Brightion Anglers,

    On behalf of Seedskadee Chapter of Trout Unlimited (STU) we would like to thank you for your generous gift of hats, stickers and gear. Your commitment to helping coldwater fisheries conservation in Wyoming is sincerely appreciated.

    Each year STU continues to advance its mission of coldwater fisheries conservation. Through our work on behalf of Wyoming’s trout we’ve made great strides protecting, restoring, and conserving Southwest Wyoming’s coldwater fisheries.

    In particular, the Adopt-A-Trout program continues to enjoy great success in helping educate the next generation of anglers and fisheries stewards in Green River and McKinnon. Working with the school kids in each of these areas definitely provides a unique opportunity to develop knowledge and insight into the value of the fisheries and habitat systems. In addition we continue to better Colorado River cutthroat trout habitat in the Greater Little Mountain area. STU will continue to work on Red Creek this summer. STU is working with land agencies and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to install information signs on the Green River. STU continues to work with Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge to help improve the Green River fishery running through the refuge with cottonwood plantings, side channel habitat improvements and other projects planned for the upcoming year.

    The goal of STU is to continue to make a difference for coldwater fisheries in the Cowboy State. With the help of donations from supporters such as you we can ensure that Wyoming has cold clean fishable water both today and in the future.

    Also, please consider this letter a receipt for your contribution and that no goods or services were received for this contribution, which is completely tax-deductible. For your tax preparation purposes the Wyoming Trout Unlimited EIN number is 521766267.

    Thanks again for your generous support of our efforts.

    Best wishes,

    Seedskadee Chapter of Trout Unlimited
    520 Wilkes Drive #4B
    Green River, WY 82935


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